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From our earliest days, we’ve said that ThinkUp is powered by a community. But one of the most satisfying parts of graduating into a “real” company has been having incredibly talented people join our team as key contributors to ThinkUp.

So we wanted to celebrate ThinkUp’s public availability (sign up now!) by introducing you to the team members who’ve made it possible to bring ThinkUp to the world, and who are working every day to make our service just a little bit better.

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    Matt Jacobs: (@capndesign) Matt has been leading ThinkUp’s design and front-end engineering since our initial crowdfunding launch, working tirelessly to make sure the parts of the service that you actually interact with are useful and usable. His contributions have ranged from getting our NYC office hooked on bubble tea to introducing Grunt to help automate our front end development to being the biggest reason the daily insight emails are beautiful enough to be our members’ favorite feature. Most importantly, he’s welcomed his new son Jackson this past week, which is a particularly effective way to promote his upcoming app Kidpost.
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    Michelle Jones: (@michellej) Michelle is our newest team member and plays the critical role of making sure we live up to ThinkUp’s promise of being the company that respects its members more than any other tech company. Michelle is the first point of contact when a member has a question or comment, but her role goes far deeper into really understanding what our members want. That combination of turning the feedback of our members into real product features and an improved experience is key to ThinkUp’s future. We knew Michelle would be perfect to collaborate with our community because it’s exactly what she does for her community in Louisville through her site Consuming Louisville.
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    Greg Knauss: (@gknauss) Greg is the reason ThinkUp’s technical infrastructure has been getting faster and more reliable even as we grow, overseeing our scaling and system architecture. From responding to the huge demand that we saw in our initial wave of signups, to helping us transition to a cloud service that will handle tons of growth in the future, we’ve loved having Greg on call to keep things humming along smoothly. (And if we want to remind him of that love, we’d use his app Romantimatic to do so!)
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    Chris Moyer: (@cdmoyer) Chris is our key developer who’s been building new features and functionality into ThinkUp, ranging from clever new turns of phrase in your ThinkUp stream to fixing longstanding annoyances like whether ThinkUp will remember that you’re logged in. That combination of pragmatic bug-fixing coupled with really big thinking about what would be a delight to see in the ThinkUp app has been a perfect fit as we start shifting into high gear on improving the insights you get from ThinkUp each day.

Back in January when we first launched to our crowdfunding backers, we talked about crossing the starting line, with our incredible set of ThinkUp members, investors, advisors and community members.

One of the most satisfying parts of the past two months since then has been seeing this core team click together into a unit that can build amazing things that Gina and I could only have dreamed about. Thanks to Matt, Michelle, Greg and Chris for an incredible start to ThinkUp.

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