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Today, for the first time, ThinkUp is open to the world. You can just sign up and become a member. We hope you’ll do so!

In the months and years that we’ve been working on ThinkUp, the biggest question that’s come up is a simple one: What is ThinkUp? How we answer that question depends a lot on where you’re coming from. 

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is a simple new service that offers you a completely unique set of analytics about the way you use Twitter and Facebook.

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is a smart new way to get more meaning out of all the time you spend online, offering little insights that help you no matter what your goals are online. And it’s built by a company and community that aim to respect you more than any other tech company.

When you join ThinkUp, you’ll get a simple stream showing you those insights about your Twitter and Facebook accounts, which you can also get in a handy little email. (You can see it in action on Gina’s ThinkUp.) We’re still in Beta, so we’ll be making the insights even more interesting in the future, but many folks already find it pretty valuable.

What is ThinkUp?

image ThinkUp is this bet, this weird, risky bet. Anil Dash and Gina Trapani, ThinkUp’s cofounders, have been kicking around the social networking parts of the Internet for as long as those networks have existed. And in all that time, they’ve learned that something meaningful, even profound, can come out of the connections we make on these networks.

But right now, the big companies are spending all their time making dashboards for advertisers. And hey, that makes sense! We just think there should also be at least one little company making things better for regular people, too.

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is a different kind of company, as much a community as a corporation. Part of that is because ThinkUp itself is open source, literally built by a community. (And probably one of the most inclusive open source communities ever, with the majority of code in ThinkUp written by women.) We’re unabashedly idealistic, though we try not to be too corny, as befits our company slogan of “It is nice to be nice.” Our commitment to transparency and accountability ranges from publishing a list of our company values to disclosing the terms our investors agreed to when investing in ThinkUp.

And even more important are the investors who made ThinkUp possible in the first place: ThinkUp members. From the start, ThinkUp has been crowdfunded by a community that is committed to supporting an independent Internet.

ThinkUp isn’t a conventional “startup”. Were more like an unconventional small business.

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is a valuable new tool that sits alongside conventional analytics and metrics tools. image

  • Ever had an app that helps you decide whether you’re talking about yourself too much?

  • Can you imagine an analytics tool that tells you which of your friends was your biggest fan on Facebook last week?

  • What about a reminder about that funny tweet from your friend a year ago, that you might want to laugh with them about again?

  • ThinkUp is the only app that will tell you when someone in your neighborhood follows you on Twitter, in case you want to grab coffee with them.

While other platforms are far better at tracking conversion funnels, or focused on vanity metrics, ThinkUp aims to show how well you’re using your social networks at a more human level.

ThinkUp members tend to ask us “Why the heck hasn’t anyone done this before?!” and sometimes “Hey, who asked you?” That combination makes ThinkUp useful for actors and activists, office workers and industry leaders, major consumer brands and government agencies, and regular people who just want to know what kind of conversations get the most responses from their network.

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is ridiculous. It’s “quantified selfies”. It’s going to count how many times you elicit a “LOL” from one of your Twitter followers. ThinkUp is so proud of how often your mother Likes your stuff on Facebook.

ThinkUp sees you jump into memes with your friends and doesn’t judge you, or try to make you feel guilty about it; Instead, ThinkUp tells you when you really nailed that hashtag. ThinkUp reflects the actual way we use our networks, instead of just assuming the only thing that matters is Brand Interactions.

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is $60 a year (that works out to just five bucks a month) to give you insights about one Facebook and one Twitter account. (We’ll add other networks soon.) If you’ve got more than one account on those services, get a Pro account for $120 a year.

Yep, ThinkUp costs money. Our members say it’s worth it, because they like the service and believe in the company, especially as our product improves. We don’t have a free trial yet, but we do offer an effortless 100% money-back guarantee. 99.6% of our users don’t ask for it.

What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp is a chance to do something different online. ThinkUp is based on the old-fashioned premise that the Internet is made of people, and that the web is at its best when it’s built around that belief. Join us, won’t you?

ThinkUp loves you! Get more out of the time you spend online. Join ThinkUp Now

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