It’s a Summer of Code!

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Today’s one of those great days that only happens once a year at best: We get to announce this year’s Google Summer of Code students! This year, we set a new record for the number of proposals submitted to work on ThinkUp, and they were stellar across the board — we wish we had more slots to sponsor students!

But we made the tough call and picked two of the most detailed, exceptional proposals, made by two new community members who’ve already dug into contributing to ThinkUp. We’ll be talking about their progress over the course of the summer, but here’s a quick overview of what to look for this summer as their work progresses:

Aaron Kalair, YouTube plugin and insights

Hailing from the University of Warwick, Aaron’s a ThinkUp alumni, having taken part in the ThinkUp mentorship program in the past and contributed ThinkUp’s Foursquare plugin. This summer, he’s digging in to adding YouTube support to ThinkUp, with some really thoughtful and powerful insights for users who post videos to YouTube.

Nilaksh Das, Insight extensions for ThinkUp

Nilaksh comes to ThinkUp from the University of Delhi, with a broad and original proposal to bring a wide range of disparate insights to the app, covering everything from engagement to popularity to more subjective insights into the way ThinkUp users create on their networks. Nilaksh has already had some fixes and improvements accepted into ThinkUp while preparing for the Summer of Code, so it seems like things are off to a great start!

A hot summer

We are so appreciative to the broad set of students who applied to contribute to ThinkUp as part of the Summer of Code, and we’ll be updating regularly here on this blog to mark Aaron and Nilaksh’s progress. But if you’re a developer, you can follow along as it happens, as their interactions with the community and their mentors will happen right on the regular developer mailing list and GitHub repositories where the rest of ThinkUp’s development takes place. You might even want to join in.

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