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One of the toughest parts of making an app, especially an open source app, is that there are always tons of good ideas that just take a lot of time and effort. So we often end up saying “Not yet” to features when we’d much rather say “Yes!”

Some great news today, with the launch of Beta 7, the newest version of ThinkUp 2.0. We’re finally saying yes to one of the most-requested features in ThinkUp’s history: Keyword and #hashtag tracking.

Just enter the keyword or hashtag you want to track on Twitter, and ThinkUp will automatically start watching for tweets which use that term, and give you insights into how much activity is happening with your word.


This new feature was spearheaded by Eduard Cucurella, a brand-new ThinkUp contributor, and sponsored by Daniel Giribet. It’s a perfect demonstration of how an open-source community’s supposed to work - a coder who’s new to our community helping deliver something that’s one of the longest-standing requests from users. Hooray!

Better Insight Notifications

Insights are the core of how we work with ThinkUp - they’re the items that make up your stream and tell you what’s going on. But not everybody is staring at ThinkUp all day (it’s okay! We forgive you!) so the new Beta of ThinkUp makes it easier than ever to get your insights:

  • RSS! Yeah, it’s 2013 and ThinkUp is launching an RSS feature! If you know what RSS is, you know why this is awesome. And if you don’t know what RSS is, then you’ll be more interested in:
  • Chrome and Pushover notifications! You can get your insights delivered as popup notifications right in your Chrome browser (using a small Chrome extension) or using Pushover on Android or iOS devices, which is awesome for putting a widget on your phone’s homescreen or talking to crazy devices like those Pebble watches.


Basically, ThinkUp is going where you are, and telling you much more about what you are interested in. That’s how it’s supposed to work. You can also see the other details of this release, like bug fixes, in the complete release notes. Also, since our last release of ThinkUp we cleaned up the look of our documentation, so it’s a little prettier, and maybe even a little bit easier to navigate.

Thanks so much to all of our contributors and users who made this new beta possible, and remind your friends to sign up for so they can be the first to try out the app once it’s ready for the public.

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