It’s great to see more designers recently embrace programming as an extension of our process rather than as an afterthought for someone else to execute. Today’s cutting edge products need to be designed by people who know what’s going on under the hood; and as curious designers it’s great to have more things to learn — it stretches the brain. But there’s something missing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of forgetting about this. The only reason I’m not stuck in Photoshop all day is the open source community. We should be giving back to this community.

Designing Open Source Loved seeing Jon Gold’s unexpected perspective on how designers could collaborate more with open source communities. We value and respect designers (and have happily paid for design services many times!) but also think there’s a great chance for generous give-and-take with designers.

If you’re a designer who wants to make her or his first open source contribution, we promise we’ll be glad to show you how it’s done. As Jon said, this is still an issue that we’re in the early days of resolving, but we’d be eager to see designers afforded the same attention and focus in open source efforts as coders have traditionally seen.

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