Are you a coder? Then you oughtta join the ThinkUp developer community this summer. In particular, our participation in Google’s Summer of Code program means that students whose proposals are accepted are eligible for $5000 in support from Google, as well as direct mentorship from our ThinkUp team.

Past participants in ThinkUp mentoring programs like Google Summer of Code have gone on to great jobs at Google, Facebook, and more. (We have to imagine it’d put you first in line for a great job at ThinkUp, too, when the time comes!) You have a FULL WEEK LEFT to get together a proposal that will rock the community’s socks off.

Speaking of our community, you should know it’s made up of 100% nice people, and we’re truly committed to bringing in women and other coders from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in software development or open source projects.

You can take a look at our general principles for Summer of Code participation below, or click through to read our entire Ideas page for Summer of Code so you can make a kickass proposal.

See you this summer!

ThinkUp Google Summer of Code 2013 Ideas Page

General Principles:

  • The most important thing to communicate in your proposal is how your work on ThinkUp will help people get more meaning and delight out of the time they spend on social networks. Of course your code matters, but if you can connect how your code will make people feel when they use ThinkUp, that’s a huge point in your favor.
  • Try to learn from other contributors – pick a minor issue that needs fixed, RUN THE TESTS and make sure they pass, and see if you can get a pull request merged into the app. We favor people who show, not tell.
  • If your proposal has to do with insights, provide example language (or visuals) that shows what a user would actually see. Got a sense of humor, or a particularly artistic or thoughtful insight? That matters as much as technical acumen.
  • We value design, good copy writing, and expressive visualizations just as much as powerful analytics and advanced algorithms, so focus on the thing that you can do uniquely well.

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