Farewell, 1.0: ThinkUp 2.0 Now Mainline

Posted by gina

We’ve been hard at work refining and improving version 2.0 of ThinkUp, and it’s finally time for every user to move over to the beta.

As of today, ThinkUp’s 1.x release path is officially retired. All new ThinkUp releases and development will happen on 2.0. Users who are currently running a 1.x version of ThinkUp will see the “Upgrade ThinkUp” prompt when they log in. That upgrade will take them to the latest 2.0 beta.

Speaking of, we released beta 6 last week to accomodate a change Twitter made to their authorization mechanism. Any version of ThinkUp prior to 2.0 beta 6 will not be able to add new Twitter accounts. That means it’s time to upgrade! When you do, enjoy a smarter insights stream, better search, our gorgeous redesign, and more.

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