Insights Everywhere!

Posted by anil

It’s always exciting to see measurement-based apps moving toward streams of insights instead of just having dashboards, since that’s what we’re busy doing on ThinkUp.

Two awesome examples that just caught our eye:

Chartbeat’s Daily Perspectives:

In their own words, “[I]n addition to providing a general overview of your must-know information (traffic volumes, top stories and sections, top referrers) we wanted to uncover the more significant insights that help newsrooms really piece together what happened. The insights that contribute to a larger understanding the value of your content as it pertains to the quality of your audiences’ experiences.”

RunKeeper Insights:

In the case of both RunKeeper and Chartbeat, we thought it was awesome they’d arrived at the word “insights” to describe what these new displays offer; It took us a while to settle on that as the name for the individual items in ThinkUp’s stream, and the fact that others came up with the same term seems to indicate it’s a good word to describe the concept. (Though RunKeeper still has a fairly traditional dashboard look, they’re definitely heading toward more of an ongoing set of insights into your athletic endeavors.)

We’ll keep our eyes open for more examples of apps to learn from, but in the meantime, thanks to the Chartbeat & RunKeeper teams for the inspiration.

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